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Contact me for a lesson in piano, harmony, songwriting etc.
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Fievel Is Glauque "I'm Scanning Things I Can't See / Dark Dancing"   single   (via Fat Possum; out Aug 15 2023)
Martyr Group "Non-Bloody Martyrdom"   cassette   (via "la Loi"; out Jul 4 2023)
Fievel Is Glauque "Flaming Swords"   LP/CD/cassette   (via MATH Interactive; out Nov 25 2022)
Blanche Blanche Blanche "Fiscal, Remote, Distilled" cassette   (via "la Loi"; out Mar 1 2022)
Zach Phillips "Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat" LP   (via "la Loi"; out Sep 6 2021)
Perfect Angels "Exit from the Ultra-World" cassette   (via "la Loi"; out Apr 15 2021)
Blanche Blanche Blanche "Seashells" LP   (via Reading Group; BBB#10, out May 1 2021)
Blanche Blanche Blanche "Food for Thought" lathe 7"   (via Feeding Tube; BBB #10.5, out Mar 1 2021)
Fievel Is Glauque "God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess"   (via "la Loi"; out Jan 1 2021)
Fievel Is Glauque   (our headquarters)
"la Loi"   (a new label, 4 years after the dearth of OSR)
Blanche Blanche Blanche on Spotify
OSR Tapes on Discogs

W R I T I N G :
"Human Light System"   (book / PDF, 2022, Gauss Editions)
"Ashley's Jacket"   (PDF, 2009)
"the New Rothschild Files"   (PDF, 2006 with Jeremy Daly)
ZP on music & death 4/'21  (via Fifteen Questions)
ZP on lyricism 1/'19  (via Kit Records)
ZP on thesis music 5/'12  (via Impose Magazine)

I N T E R V I E W S :
Fievel Is Glauque interview 8/'23  via the Fader)
Fievel Is Glauque interview 12/'22  (via Tone Glow)
Fievel Is Glauque interview 11/'22  (via Stereogum)
ZP interview 6/'22  (via Aquarium Drunkard)
Fievel Is Glauque interview 4/'22  (via Post Trash)
ZP interview 1/'22  (via Earmark / Montez Press Radio)
ZP interview 11/'21   (via James Acaster's Perfect Sounds, BBC Radio)
ZP interview 9/'21   (via Radio Télévision Belge Francophone)
Fievel Is Glauque interview 2/'21  (via UNESCO Crossings' The2010s project)
ZP interview 7/'21  (via WPRB Radio)
ZP interview 10/'16  (via It's Psychedelic Baby magazine)
ZP interview 1/'15  (via Free Form Freakout radio)
ZP interview '14  (via Dazed Digital)
ZP interview '14  (via Hartzine)
Blanche Blanche Blanche interview '14  (via Tiny Mix Tapes)

C O M P I L A T I O N S :
"la Otra Mitad": 100 canciones Uruguayas, compilada por ZP   (Jan 2022)
"I Believe in You"   (Jan 2020)
"Morpheus' Arms"   (Nov 2019)
"It Might Have Been My Won't"   (Jul 2019)
"Where Are the Angels?   (Apr 2019)
"Cuando el Arte Ataque"   (Jan 2019)
"What You Need is What You Get"   (Nov 2018)

Zachary Constantine Phillips:           (contact:  zphillips at gmail)
b. 1988 (Hanover, New Hampshire). Living in NYC 2021-?.
Before: Brussels BE 2020-21. NYC 2013-19.
Brattleboro VT 2008-13. No UK, never.

Person does what:
Keyboardist, bassist, songwriter, arranger, tape-recordist, poet, civil rights legal investigator.
Current non-ancillary activities:
"la Loi" (label 2021-?), Fievel Is Glauque, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Perfect Angels, Zach Phillips.
Current and past ancillary activities:
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Alice Cohen & the Channel 14 Weather Team, the Hartley C. White Project, Jib Kidder, Chris Cohen, Big French.
Past non-ancillary activities:
OSR (label 2007-17), Lilith Outcome, Grendel's Mother, Constantine ZP, Four Thing, Martyr Group, Better Psychics, CE Schneider Topical,
Jepeto Solutions, Sord, Heat Wilson, Jordan Piper Philips, Bruce Hart, GDC, Horse Boys, Nals Goring.